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iJukebox LogoiJukebox

This application was developed as part of the entire system delivered by us including a PHP based web application, iPhone and Android applications. The system is in Beta testing at the moment.

This solution is a substitute to the popular traditional juke boxes seen in host locations.

This is an app that lets the customers of host location, e.g. Mall, Restaurant, Pub etc, to receive the requests from patrons and play the music.

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Trading Application

This is an iPhone Application which can be used by brokerage companies to promote their services by offering mobile trading through this application.
Following are the features :

  • User Authentication

  • Instant and Pending orders

  • Past order history

  • Modify Trades

  • Monitor Live Orders

  • Tick chart in Real Time

iJukebox LogoiMusicShare

This application facilitates sharing of music track names being listened to by the app user
Integration with Facebook
Integration with Twitter
Invite friends and other social features

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iJukebox LogoDrinking Bird

This application was developed for a customer who wanted to offer it as a freebee for their customers.
It is an application mimicking the functioning of the famous/infamous Drinking Bird.
Drinking Bird works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. The head and lower body of the bird are hollow glass chambers that are connected by a glass pipe. The pipe dips into the liquid (methylene chloride) in the lower body allowing the liquid to move up the pipe when the temperature of the head is slightly cooler.

iJukebox LogoiExchanger

This application gives a facility to select one Currency and then view the value of selected currency vis-a-vis multiple currencies. The user can select the currency for which they would like to see the conversion values. User also can select and save the other currencies in which they would like to see the converted values.

This will be a useful application for those who need to view the converted values in specific currencies all the time. At a go they can view all the converted values.

The source for conversion of currencies is Yahoo Finance. We used the services provided by them to get the conversion rates at a given time. Rates are obtained every 10 minutes from the Yahoo Finance Server.

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This is an application developed for one of the clients who has a dance school.
The application helps view the updates of Dance School, including school news, student outjobs, concerts and other event information.
The application also collects popular dance videos from the feeds chosen by the client. The user could make use of the app to easily view great dance videos, as well as what the choreographers and tutors recommends.
The list of dance videos are updated regularly which are shown on the app using the APIs provided by the client.

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iJukebox LogoiSimran Pro

The client,, provided the necessary resources and asked us to develop and distribute the application using our account.
This application helps in meditation using the Waheguru Simran.
The application allows you to down load the Simran tracks or use the ones available in the application
Select the date and time to remind /Play the simran.

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