Engagement Models

SRA OSS India has engagement models that suit a co-opted approach offering a clear value proposition for an onsite business partner and an offshore team. Keeping in mind that the purpose of an engagement model is to provide a virtual team to the business partner, the level of commitment, control, investment required, and the cost savings generated through offshore economics could be adjusted to optimum levels depending on a given situation.

SRA OSS India offers a business partner the flexibility to either outsource parts of their tasks to be independently executed by us, or have us become a part of their team in the short or long term. Our services leverage the skills and experience of our resources to provide potentially diverse set of services to clients. These competencies could be in areas of technology, domain knowledge or project management.

Offshore Services

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SRA OSS INDIA exhibited good understanding of the scope of the work and completed the development of the application functionality to our satisfaction and in a timely manner.
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