PHP Portfolio


This application facilitates Surveyors create the surveys and distribute it to selected participants.
The responses from the participants for the survey are stored in the database and relevant reports are generated.
Surveyors register with the application and can create multiple surveys, send/schedule survey to list of emails or embed an HTML code in any web page, view summary of each survey etc.

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CTAI is the Community Transportation Association of Idaho—a member-driven nonprofit advocating for a safe, convenient, healthy and environmentally-friendly network of multimodal transportation options across Idaho

Application is developed using Code igniter framework. System data visualization tool is based on Google Maps which helps access by any user from any Internet browser. It is an online web-app to integrate, visualize, and disseminate statewide transit information to service members, veterans, and their families as well as all Idaho residents who might wish to use it.

The system is equipped with a search tool to drill-down the transit facilities information, so that a user can simply find out available transit facilities, which meet user’s specific needs. Application is having a user friendly password protected interface to update and maintain their transit facilities information. Several online tools are available for the transit providers to modify (edit/delete/add) transit routes/service areas and transit stop location without any assistance from any third party software.

Example site of Web GIS


RoomateFit is a site dedicated to helping people who are looking for roommates.
Listings from other sites are displayed and user features enable communication between the users to find rommates. A simple match based on user profiles is made to find appropriate roommate.

Example site of Web GIS


iJukebox is a replacement to physical jukeboxes.

The solution involves client side mobile applications and server side application developed in LAMP environment.
The mobile applications allow users to request for songs to be played at a selected host location, a pub, bar, restaurant etc.

The server side application helps the site admin to create master catalog and manage the registered hosts. It also facilitates host admins to create and manage their music catalogs , play lists and the user requests.

Chessboard Radio

Chessboard Radio is a market place for new and upcoming musicians to upload their music and offer it to be listened to by music lovers who come to the web site.
Music lovers can listen to the music share it with their friends on social media , Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. They also can comment on the music.
Chessboard Radio’s main priority is the streaming of independent music to listeners.

Seven Institute

Seven Institute is a leading innovative UK based Microsoft Office and Soft Skills Training Provider. Seven Institute has a nationwide network of trainers who are Microsoft Certified and have been training corporate customers for over 30 years.

Application is developed using open source Content Management sytem Drupal. Apart from using existing modules of Drupal we developed custom modules required for the application. Application offers top quality courseware for all Microsoft Office versions in both Manual and E-Learning formats and offer a range of delivery options including instructor lead public courses, on-site training, closed company training (where they deliver a course specifically for user business at one of their training centres), one to one coaching and floor walking. Whilst the majority of training is instructor led in a classroom environment they also offer a host of mobile options such as Skype training, e-learning and webinars.


i-ffiliate is a smoke screen between supplier and buyer. Supplier will be a website and customer applies for loan using that site. Buyer will be another site who generates leads by accepting the customer information. In between supplier and buyer, i-ffiliate act as a smoke screen and all information will be passed via XML. Supplier should register with i-ffiliate and can view their statistics in real time.