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Delhi Metro Rail app provides the customers of metro services with lot of useful information that helps in using the Metro Services. Following are the different sections in the app and the information available in them.

Route Between Stations- Selecting the starting and destination stations will display the user the Fares, Distance, Approximate Travel time, stations in between with change over station and the route map with plotting of the route on the map.

Station Info – Selecting a station will give you various useful information about the station like First and Last train timings, Platforms, Gates and directions, contact numbers, Tourist spots near that station, parking, feeder services etc.
Nearest metro station – This section will show you the nearest metro stations from your current place. Other sections i.e. Tour guide, Metro Museum, Lost and found and Other info will give various other useful information to the user.


IRPortal LogoIRPortal

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration strives to make your work with industrial refrigeration as easy as possible. Our latest tool is Danfoss IR app. It is a “One Platform app” for you, who work with Industrial Refrigeration. In the Danfoss IR app we will collect apps/tools that we hope will make your work with industrial refrigeration products from Danfoss easier.

1st function: The first app within the Danfoss IR app is SVL Flexline™. SVL Flexline™ is our newly introduced line components for industrial refrigeration. The app takes you through the product features and benefits. It gives you easy access to technical data and other relevant information. But that is not all. It also includes a bit of fun in the form of a game. The game is built around the “One Platform, Multiple Options”, which are the principles for the new SVL Flexline™ line components. Test your product knowledge and have a fun competition with your colleagues, on who can answer the questions the quickest.

2nd function: The next tool that will come within the Danfoss IR app is a Spare Parts app. This app will make it easy to find relevant spare parts for a given Danfoss industrial refrigeration valve. More information will follow when this app it is ready.
3rd function: Let’s see what the future brings... All you have to do is download the Danfoss IR app, and you will always be updated on the apps developed for Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration.


FlashBox LogoFlashBox Films

Personalized and instantaneous photo/video sharing album for your big event! Instantly assemble your photos and videos from your guests, friends, participants into an online album for viewing and sharing. Perfect for all these great events: weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, proms, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, graduations, festivals, concerts, vacations, formals, greek rush, homecoming, and so much more!

When you register your event, you will receive a unique access code that you can share with unlimited guests to event. Then, when you use FlashBox to take photos and videos leading up to and during the event, they are automatically uploaded to FlashBox for sharing by the guest of honor.


iJukebox LogoiJukebox

This application was developed as part of the entire system delivered by us including a PHP based web application, iPhone and Android applications. The system is in Beta testing at the moment.

This solution is a substitute to the popular traditional juke boxes seen in host locations.

This is an app that lets the customers of host location, e.g. Mall, Restaurant, Pub etc, to receive the requests from patrons and play the music.


iJukebox LogoiSimran Pro

The client,, provided the necessary resources and asked us to develop and distribute the application using our account.
This application helps in meditation using the Waheguru Simran.
The application allows you to down load the Simran tracks or use the ones available in the application
Select the date and time to remind /Play the simran.


Trade Show Application

This application is the new free Mobile Attendee Guide allowing users to access valuable information on events of the trade show. Information on the speakers and exhibitors is provided in the application.
An interactive floor plan to view and locate the event booth is also incorporated.
All the information can be accessed in advance or the updated information during the show.
Integration with web services provided by the client is done to show the updated information.

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iSimran is an application developed to remind the user to do the simran at a given time and play the selected simran track for the set period. User can select the track, set the time to remind about it, set the duration for
which it should be played and send feedback etc.

Simran refers to the remembrance of God by repetition or recital of His Name or Nām. The one God is known by many names which are mentioned in the Holy Texts. It is said that by carrying out Simran the person is purified and attains Salvation or Mukti.

"To do Simran" is the physical act of sitting in a cross-legged position and meditating, uttering or chanting "Naam" - the name of God. The process brings calmness to the mind and allows one to concentrate on the "image" or "qualities" of God. The process is to allow one to "connect" to the Creator and "realise" His qualities. Sikhs prefer the name "Waheguru" to other names of God. Sometimes, the person doing simran will do this as part of a group or individually. Early morning is normally the preferred time although no one time period is considered more sacred than another.

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iJukebox LogoiMusicShare

This application facilitates sharing of music track names being listened to by the app user
Integration with Facebook
Integration with Twitter
Invite friends and other social features


iJukebox LogoPhoto Puzzle

Photo Puzzle is the popular square-puzzle game for Android .

Photo Puzzle is the popular square-puzzle game for Android .The amazing app that associates the classic game of puzzle to the use of a square blocks to be tapping or swiping with your fingers. It gets tough and has fun in arranging the missing image . Beyond finding the missing piece you must identify the right side of the image and insert it in the correct position inside the puzzle.

The features of the app include :

Play Photo Puzzle with your own images
* User can use can images from own photo album .
* Take a picture with the Android's built-in camera and use it in the puzzle.
Multiple difficulty levels and the time as well as the number of moves is counted.
* Options to change the background
* Possibility to customize levels - SIMPLE AND HARDER
* Option of moving the puzzle blocks by tapping or swiping.


iJukebox LogoCurrency Converter

This application gives a facility to select one Currency and then view the value of selected currency vis-a-vis multiple currencies. The user can select the currency for which they would like to see the conversion values. User also can select and save the other currencies in which they would like to see the converted values.

This will be a useful application for those who need to view the converted values in specific currencies all the time. At a go they can view all the converted values.

The source for conversion of currencies is Yahoo Finance. We used the services provided by them to get the conversion rates at a given time. Rates are obtained every 10 minutes from the Yahoo Finance Server.


Contractor Tools

This estimator application was developed for a client in US.
It can be used by the Contractors to Estimate and Bid for the projects!
This App is versatile enough to estimate several types of housing projects such as: Painting flooring, roofing, framing, etc