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Quarterly Customer Report

This is a web based application developed using silver light. It uses WCS services to get information from different servers and aggregate it to generate reports as required by the user. The reports can be generated, by customer and by period. The report can be for the performance, costs and surveys conducted on the end users. It has many other components which provide information on the customer feedback, issues faced by the clients, cost benefit analysis by customer. The reports can be generated in graphical manner also.

 Technology : C#.Net, Silverlight, WCF


Client wanted to build a Web based Rich UI Product to facilitate their real-estate customers to manage their business using this application. Realestate owners can set up the property Inventory, Manage their customers, Agents, have a record of the entire communication had with customers and agents, Generate contracts etc.

 Technology : C#.Net, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008, Web Service, Telerik RAD Controls

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Long Term Care

The solution addresses:

1. Physician authorization
2. Administration of Long Term Care Facility
3. Human Resource Management
4. Medication and Prescription Data from physicians
5. Distribution of medicines and equipment across various Long Term Care Facilities in various provinces
6. Inventory Management
7. Procurement
8. Insurance claims processing


It is a standalone windows based application which monitors servers for , Databases, SMTP/POP3, FTP, Windows services, event logs etc, and notifies the user . User can set the setting either for actions or for notifications.
E.g. Action can be when files are uploaded on to the FTP server dump them into a given folder and notify. Notification can be notify when a web service stops working.

 Technology : C# .Net, WPF


This application helps users enter all the images, text, audio and video files of their training module which can be presented in HTML / Flash page. User enters the available presentation/training material and defines the sequence in which they should appear which are stored in a folder. An XML file will have the path for these materials (images, text, audio, video etc.) and displays them in that order when called for.

 Technology : C#.Net, Winforms